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Sunny Way to a better tomorrow!
Perfect for solar energy, healthy lifestyle, positive choices, or education.

This positive domain name is easily remembered since it is the combination of two common words. The name would be perfect for a solar energy business or organization, but it equally well fits a nonprofit social assistance program, or a therapy business that promotes positive psychology and happiness. It would be a wonderful name for a daycare or an early childhood education program.   


Valuation and Comparator Sales

Positive descriptive domain names in highly respected extensions such as .org are valuable digital assets. A great domain name can pay for itself many times over by making your marketing and promotion easier and less costly. It also brings esteem to your organization. Only you can determine the worth of any domain name to your organization but some find it useful to look at past sales of comparable domain names, Some possible comparator domain sales data (all in .org domain name extension) are:

  • BrightWay ($2188),
  • SunnyWays ($1488),
  • AnotherWay (1888),
  • GreenChoice ($1450),
  • GreenBusiness ($12,500),
  • ClimateCentral ($11,000),
  • windmills ($10,000),
  • InnerBalance ($5454),
  • GraceWorks ($25,000),
  • LifePlus ($5000),
  • GoldenAge ($1500),
  • HealthyWay ($888),
  • BeStrong ($15,000),
  • RiseUp ($75,000),
  • SeniorCare ($12,000),
  • GrowingPower ($45,999),
  • AssistedLiving ($40,000),
  • StopTheHate ($24,888),
  • NetWellness ($23,800),
  • JobHunt ($18,800),
  • RapidShared ($16,849),
  • HealthQuest ($13,000),
  • MovingIdeas ($12,001),
  • MentalHealth ($11,750),
  • PeoplePower ($10,000),
  • StudentLeadership ($8500),
  • HealthyHeart ($8200),
  • ClimateSaversComputing ($9665),
  • CleanPowerNow ($5506),
  • SustainableLiving ($5149),
  • WhichWay ($1088)

Other Information

The domain name is registered until Sept 30, 2020 (that period transfers with the domain name to the new owner).  All domain names need to be renewed annually. The domain name could be yours today at the buy it now price, or we also offer an optional payment plan, administered by Epik.  On a payment plan you can start to use the domain name following the first payment, and the ownership transfers to you at the end of the final payment.

Other Options

While we hope you agree that this is a great domain name, if you want to look at some other options, for solar energy look in our environmental or company names catalog sections, for a healthy lifestyle look in our psychology section, and for other learning themed names check out the education section. You may also find something similar in our Make A Difference selection.  Our entire domain catalog includes an expert curated selection of domain names divided into almost fifty different categories. 

Don't Let It Slip Away

Remember that once a domain name sells it may never be available again. This memorable domain name could be yours today at our value price. The term is registered in 22 other extensions, indicative of its value. Why not purchase SunnyWays today and be the one group to have this name in the highly respected .org extension? 

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